Group Coaching Program

For businesses and operators of all shapes and sizes looking to leverage from being in a group - broad scoped coaching program.

group of people on beach

Work in a group

Working and collaborating with like minded people can be the most powerful thing you can ever do as a business operator. So often is the entrepreneur’s journey a lonely one, having people in the same boat to bounce ideas off can mean all the difference not just in our results, but in our sanity.

Our group programs follow a format to focus on both looking at your reality and key deliverables each month, but also follows a broad structure to look at all areas of your business from operations, to culture, to your team and out to sales and marketing.

Our group program runs for 6 months and provides you outstanding levels of support which are also defined by you to the level that you require. We also leverage off the group aspect as much as possible and build networks for success along the way.

The group program offers the following

Max 10 people for each group - 6 month program.
Business owners, senior managers , general managers, sales people
- 1 month group session at venue on the GC
- 1 mid-month phone/person catch up with coach
- Facebook/Social Media collaboration group
- Phone availability any time
- Scorecard creation
- Forecasting â€“ Cash flow/PnL if required
- Data Review
- Resources on the go