Using Business to change the world.

If you’ve been waiting until the new age to take action in the world; well it’s time.. because the new age is here, and it needs you to step up.

We’ve spent the last few hundred years doing our best job of destroying the planet and each other being the dominant species of this planet we call home. However; it’s possible that the period of time we find ourselves in right now, might just be the time Darwinism pegs us a few rungs down the food chain; as we simply cannot survive ourselves. There is an interesting juxtapose. We are the dominant species that is so dominant we’re going to wipe ourselves out!

But all is not lost just yet. We are in the time right now to do something about it. It is this generation that has to make the choices and take the action to ensure there is a future past the next 100 years. Climate change is upon us along with so many other challenges; and we all must work to change the path. Now this is where you come in.

The reality is that the Government systems around the world will say they are working on it; they will put policies in place; and create committees; however event those with the best intentions will take a long time to produce results (in general). So we as a business community need to take action and create the market for change.

As the biggest sector of business in the world; the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) community has the power to drive change. Both as businesses servicing the market and those educating the consumer. I always come back to the comment that flew around on memes a little while back as plastic straws were singled out. It went like this.. “It’s just one plastic straw…..said 6 Billion people”. And that is the metaphor I want you to remember when you ask yourself.. I’m just a small business in a country town, what can I do??

Aligning your business or brand with purpose doesn’t mean you have to become a charity or even a social enterprise. It simply means looking at how you can bring impact in some way into your operations, product or environment. Look at your supply chain to eliminate plastics, create recycling opportunities in your product line. Engage your team to create a culture of sustainability or responsibility. Bring equality or social models into your business. Or align your transaction with some good in the world. There are a huge amount of resources out there for the budding SME who wants to use their business as a vehicle for change.

My recommendation is the first place you look is the UNs Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In 2015 the UN’s General Assembly got together and looked at the reality of where we are at as a global community on all issues we are facing. They came together with 17 goals that we must achieve by 2030; and called it the 2030 Agenda.

These 17 goals are a terrific guideline on where to focus and how to align your business with one or more of them . I’ve heard business owners call the SDGs their Lighthouse. They still operate a for profit business; but they use the SDGs as a guiding light to ensure they are bringing good into the world.

And from a business model it makes sense. Recent global surveys found that 87% of consumers want to buy from a sustainable or socially conscious business. The consumer is savvy; and with Google as their new buyers research tool; they’re onto us, and want to know where we get our products made; and how we are impacting the world.

So take a look at your strategy. Pull it apart, re-create your core values and culture to align with purpose and impact. You’ll be surprised at the results. Your team will be engaged, and your customers will thank you with loyalty.

Welcome to the new world of business.

the Global Goals