contract sales manager

Let’s face it….sales people can be hard people to manage…we can step in a take control with you


momentum and process

Do you have a high performing sales team? The reality is a great sales person in general makes for a poor manager. It’s just a different skill set.

Our contract sales manager can bring in a management formula to your sales team to keep them firing on all cylinders. Momentum is key in any sales team, so we maintain the pace with excellent management technique, sales training and ongoing development to keep your team sharp and on the ball.

Our coach will work with you to define the critical kpi’s to track and what management technique is best to get the most out of your sales team.

We’ll work directly with your sales team throughout each month to help them achieve their targets.

To start with we’ll work with you in a deep dive of your sales process and sales data along with the team’s performance to create a winning formula to move forward with.

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