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One on One Programs



You’re a smaller business or sole operator looking for either growth strategies to eventually employ or expand or guidance to achieve balance in your life.

A One on One program for the sole or smaller operator. Meeting twice a month to work on your success criteria and achieving your results. Weather the plan to build and employ or to create results as a smaller model, we’ll work directly with you to create the strategy to execute results. We’ll work with your actual data and interpret your numbers to develop your strategy and execution tasks.

A deep dive discovery session will bring your key areas to the front and we’ll work on your timeline to create results.

Our coaching methodology with the Technician program works closely with providing content, accountability and structure to ensure results are achieved.

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Your business will have a team in place; with at least one or more people in key roles you rely on.

This program model is designed to work directly with you on running your business and growth strategy and with your team to leverage off the people in your business. We’ll create your strategy for creating results along with working in all aspects of leadership and culture creation to get the most out of your team so we can work with you in your best , results and growth producing tasks.

Meeting twice a month, once with just you to work on your success criteria and then once with your key team members to engage and evolve them to produce great results for the business.

In your discovery deep dive we’ll create your business strategy and your team’s ideal contribution based on your success criteria and goals.


It all starts with a coffee and a chat….

DICE one on one Coaching programs